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Bulkhead Ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings are an additional ceiling which protrudes from the main ceiling. They are often a box shape but can be domed. They can have more than one level. Bulkheads are used to house down lighters, to highlight pictures on the wall, to hide ugly construction features and to join two ceilings of different heights. A bulkhead ceiling is often installed for aesthetically pleasing reasons.  A centre piece on your ceiling with added features can create a beautiful feature. Such as above your kitchen. Or above your lounge with a chandelier running down from it. The design opportunities are endless.

bulkhead ceilings

There are an endless amount of bulkhead ceiling designs. A Bulkhead ceiling light is one of the most popular ceiling bulkhead designs. The “two step ceiling” and “floating ceiling” are also a type of bulkhead. This style looks as if the ceilings are floating at the top of the roof. Bulkhead ceilings above bars are a popular choice for many upmarket bars. They add a touch of elegance to the area when paired with the right colour down lights

Fancy ceilings in hotel entrance halls above the desk, you may have noticed them. Many reception areas have this type of bulkhead ceiling design. You don’t need to own a hotel or a business to have a ceiling like this. We are busy every week doing residential installations of this type of ceiling. In the master bedroom, above the bed is a hugely popular place. I have seen this work with great effect on a number of projects.If you need some ideas or inspiration for your own bulkhead ceiling, then why not visit our photo gallery for bulkhead ceiling images.

Bulkhead ceilings installation

Bulkhead ceilings are installed in a similar way to the other plasterboard ceilings. They require a 9mm rhinoboard and galvanized light steel material. Installation requires a bit more skill than ordinary gypsum ceilings or suspended ceilings. But the effect they can have is truly brilliant. Kindly visit recent project on the home page for more on bulkheads or our facebook page.