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Fire Rated Drywall

We at SA Drywall, supply and install various types of fire rated drywall for various applications. Our company also supply and install fire rated doors. These fire doors come complete with door frames. An emergency push bar is optional. Every fire rated installation comes with the appropriate documentation from the supplier. This is to certify that the drywall system is fire rated. Here is an example of a fire rated certificate. Fire_GW FireStop 51F60S42 We can install one and two hour fire rated systems.

1 Hour and 2 Hour fire rated drywall

One hour fire rated… We would install one 15mm Gyproc fire rated rhinoboard either side of a 63mm drywall track. For a two hour fire rating, we would install two 15mm Gyproc fire rated rhinoboards either side of a 63mm track. Alternatively… for a one hour fire rating… we can also install 2 x Gyproc 12.5mm fire rated rhinoboards either side of a 63mm track. This option will prove more costly but you would get better sound insulation if this is desirable. For more information on fire rated partitions, kindly visit https://cdsupplies.co.za/fire-rated-drywall. SA Drywall only deals with reputable suppliers and we use Gyproc or Marley Building Systems (previously Lafarge) to supply us with materials.

fire rated drywall and plasterboard

Fire rated drywall

Single sided fire rated

Warehouses with flammable liquids are a common fire rated application. It is compulsory for the owner of such a premises to have his perimeter walls cladded on the inside with fire rated plasterboards thereby preventing a fire spreading. To do this we install a 9mm thick Promatect-H board which is made from magezium oxide. The size of the board is 2.5m x 1.25m. This system is certified according to BS476 part 22. This is the British standard for testing of building materials and we’ve have been told in all the meetings we’ve had with the fire brigade that they except the BS standard.

This system will give a fire rating of up to 120 minutes and is certified. The grid system consists of a top hat section that is fixed to the horizontal fixing rails. The lead time for these boards can be up to 8 weeks because of the importing. We advise clients to propose this system to the authorities. Here is more information on this system. Single sided Partition