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Drywall prices

Drywall prices vary slightly depending on the type of drywall you’re installing. Different applications rely on different materials. For example. Rhinoboard ceiling boards cost more than partitioning ceiling boards due to them being a thinner profile. Suspended ceiling T-joints cost less than partitioning tracks and studs. Bulkhead ceilings require more skill to install than any other ceiling etc. However, the drywall prices don’t vary all that much. You can get a rough estimate for your project if you’d like using our calculator. This calculation will give you an estimate for all our services. Namely: Drywall partitioning installation prices, bulkhead ceiling installation prices, suspended ceiling installation prices and rhinoboard ceiling installation prices.

drywall prices

Drywall prices calculator

If you want a ball park figure of the costs involved. Then you can use our handy tool at the bottom of the page. It will give you a rough estimate based on a few options.

Talk to a salesman

If you’d like a more detailed quote. Then call or email our office. Or visit our Contact Us page for contact details. You can also use the form on the right. Our sales reps will assist you with a formal quotation. The information we will need to provide a quote is as follows. Tell us exactly what you need installed. Drywall partitioning or ceilings? Give us the exact square metres of your job. Tell us where your site is. Explain if the work will commence on the weekend or during the week. Also state if we will be working after hours (5pm until 8am). Explain any extra services that you need. For example. You may need downlighters installed on your new ceiling. We have qualified tradesmen who can help with services not listed on our website. We often help customers with services closely related to our own.

Site visit

We can visit your site to discuss your requirements if you wish. This is the best form of quoting. Especially if you have a lot that need doing. Or perhaps your requirements are technical in nature. One of our foreman can come to your site to quote you. He will also give you the best advice on how to proceed with your project. A site visit will enable us to give to a deadly accurate quote.

All our drywalling quotes are inclusive of all labour and materials. There are no hidden costs.