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Drywall repairs

Drywall repairs

Damages to drywall partitions and ceilings are common. Due to the nature of plasterboards, partitions and ceilings will break under weight. Often we are called to homes where someone in the roof has stepped on the ceiling. Partitions are stronger than ceilings due to their thicker 12mm plasterboard. But they can also crack or break due to their hollow nature. Water is also a problem when coming into contact with gypsum ceilings.  The water will cause the drywall to warp and crack. It will also leave a ugly stain on the ceiling. Drywall repairs are not expensive. They are necessary to maintain a tidy space. Damaged drywall partition and ceilings have many causes.

drywall repairs and maintenance

Repairs to existing drywalls, maintenance of drywalls and replacing of old,broken or warped drywalls

To repair damaged partitions and ceilings is quick and easy. We cut out the damaged section of drywall or ceiling. Then we replace it with new plasterboard. We then drywall tape and skim it again so it looks just as good as new. To give the repaired section extra strength, we install another piece of plasterboard behind the new piece to support it.

If you have any old partitions or ceilings that require replacement or fixing, why not call us today. For more information on how to repair a drywall just watch this video.