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Glass Partitions

Glass partitions give your office space more light, more elegance and if you go frame-less even more professionalism.  Built using safety glass, our frame-less glass partitions range from 6.38mm in thickness all the way to 12mm. Each glass panel is 1200mm wide and the heights range from 2100mm up until 2700mm high. Lined up next to each other and joined at every 1200mm, glass panels joined together form your glass partition. Silicone seals all joints ensuring a noise and dust proof office.

In addition to frame-less glass partitions we also supply and install frame-less glass doors which complement the partitions very well. Popular with large corporate’s… this look is made better with vinyl stickers and features. For more privacy window frosting can be installed onto the glass of each office

Glass partitions

Glass panels are toughened and laminated. This gives gives it safety features such as shatterproof. We buy our glass from only reputable dealers such as PG Building Glass. As you can see in the above picture, each panel is secure inside an aluminium frame on the top and an aluminium frame and skirting at the bottom which finishes it off nicely. For more information on our aluminium side of business, please visit our aluminium partitions page.

Fire rated glass partitions

In additton to the above partitions, we also supply and install various fire rated glass partitions. Fire rated glass come in 30 minute and 2 hour fire rated options. To achieve the 30 minute fire rating we use a special type of glass called Georgian Wired glass. The inside of this glass has a wire mesh which perform well under heat as well as preventing shattering.

For the 2 hour fire rated glass, we use Pyran S glass which is a borosilicate glass and has excellent fire repelling properties while still pleasing aesthetically. This glass is of the highest quality and is extremely durable.

Sound proof

Sound proof glass partitions consist of Soundprufe™ laminated safety glass. Manufactured with a special vinyl interlayer it offers better sound control than traditional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers.