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Isoboard ceilings

Used in a variety of applications, Isoboard ceilings is a high density polystyrene insulation board . It has has been in use for over 60 years internationally, but is fairly new to South Africa. Production of polystyrene panels started in the mid 90’s and has taken off in recent years. Low cost housing, high end buildings, farm buildings and factories, gyms and shopping centres all use isoboard ceilings. It can be used as an insulator beneath floors and inside walls. However, the best application for isoboard panels is ceilings. Contact Isoboard for more information

isoboard ceilings

Isoboard ceilings is user friendly and safe to install. Panels will not support flame spread. The material does not absorb moisture. It can be painted with PVA. However, the smooth finish is sleek and easily Easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Advantages include that firstly,  it is light and easy to install. Secondly, It seldom needs replacement. It can even be used outdoors and where moisture is present. The built in insulating properties means that energy savings are huge.It keeps buildings cool in winter and warm in summer which makes it a green product.

Consisting of 100mm grooved boards and resembling a pine ceiling, Isopine is a popular kind of finish available in isoboard . All isoboard panels come tongue in groove meaning the one slides into the other for easy installation onto a grid. Cornices suitable for isoboard ceilings are polystyrene cornices of which there are many to choose from. We recommend the 75mm cove cornice. In addition to this, isoboard panels are available in varying thicknesses. Thereby catering to most folks needs.

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