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Office Partitions

Your office partitions are a great alternative to drywall. It is both fully portable and environmentally friendly. The portable partition looks just like a real drywall and comes in sections inside an aluminium frame. This is a popular alternative for businesses renting property. Most businesses require permission to build drywall partitions from the landlord. If the landlord says no, then the client can have a movable partition installed. Once installed, it is moved around easily and stored away for future use. This eliminates the problem of getting permission from landlords which can take a long time and often results in negative feedback.

Partitions for your privacy

Clients tend to re-order sections to add to their stock as their offices expand. Each section accommodates a door and windows just like normal drywall would. Entire offices can be build using our movable partitions. We also build meeting rooms, boardrooms and booths. Take a look at our Instagram for more pictures of this partition.

Get in touch today and we will tailor your order to suit your requirements. Contact us today for a rep to visit your site for a free assessment. Our reps will take note of your needs and compile a detailed quote free of charge. If accepted, our professional team comes to install your movable partitioning. On the other hand, you could install it yourself as it is so easy

Movable partition wall

The disadvantages of movable partitioning are few. Portable partitions are free standing due to the fact that they are not secured to any part of the existing structure and are not suitable for an environment which is insulated for sound or heat? We would suggest you consider our drywall, glass or aluminium partitions. Glass partitioning is very popular as it is insulated and very aesthetically pleasing. However, drywall partitioning is still the most popular. Click here for more information on drywall partitions or alternatively, contact our office for a free brochure.

Movable partitioning