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PVC Ceilings

Ensure that PVC Ceilings are not exposed to direct sunlight. There are no UV stabilizers in the product and exposure to direct sunlight will alter the colour over time. PVC Ceiling panels can be fitted onto Steel Brandering or Wooden Battens 38mm X 38mm using a Drywall Screw (Timber – course thread / Steel – fine thread). Our product guarantees the highest quality and consumer satisfaction. The products supplied are easily installed, stylish and elegant.

pvc ceilings

PVC Ceilings advantages

PVC Ceilings solve the problem of dirty, unhygienic ceilings that are difficult and expensive to clean. This extremely
practical ceiling system is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling.

Our products are waterproof and do not expand, contract or warp when they come in contact with water. Our products are termite proof. No termites or other insects can harm theproduct. Unlike any other material, which disintegrate when termites or insects attack it. Our products do not burn. It has a “B” “B1” and “B2” fire rating.

With it’s closed smooth surface it is extremely easy to clean using gentlehousehold detergent dissolved in water. The product is therefore virtually dirt resistant because there are no pores which can be filled with dirt. PVC Ceilings are quick and easy to install, saving installation costs on labour. The price of our products is economical when compared to other alternativesavailable in the market. Coupled with the added advantages, PVC takes preference over other materials in its applications.

Our products are very durable and lasts more than 20 years. No bacteriological development on PVC. PVC building materials are only for internal use. Problems like rotting, rust etc. just don’t apply. Even in special conditions like coastal areas (salt and storms) PVC is an excellent alternative.

PVC Ceilings and other accessories aremanufactured from resins and Auxiliary materials. Standard PVC Ceilings available in sizes of 25cm & 30cm width and standard lengths of 4m, 5m and 6m. PVC Suspended Ceilings available in size of 600mm x 12mm per panel. Ceiling boards and accessories are also available in different colours, length and design.

Installation guidelines for wooden brandering

What you need: Carpenter utility knife, screws, fish lines for levelling and silicon sealant.

Fix standard size 38mm x 38mm wooden battens onto the main trusses not more than 500mm apart. Do not use warped wooden battens as this may affect levels.

PVC Ceiling Steps:
1. Establish room measurements for quantity of ceiling boards required.
2. Mitre and screw PVC cornices onto brandering along the perimeter of the room. Do not use nails
or staples, as these can pull loose. Once all cornices are in place, insert the first panel, tongue side
first leaving the groove side exposed starting from one side of the room.
3. Slot the next ceiling panel concealing the screws and follow same procedure.
4. Knock the side of the pvc ceiling panel slightly with the palm of your hand, to secure close fitments, then
screw into groove of the second panel to fix to brandering.
Continue these steps until the last panel which might require to be cut down the length to fit into the
cornice of the room.

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