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Water resistant drywall

We us water resistant or moisture tolerant plasterboard to build drywalls which resist moisture. High moisture areas require drywall boards which can handle moisture. Kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses with sprayers etc. A distinctive green colour wax paper protects the board from moisture seeping through. This wax paper helps to repel water from seeping into the board. The silicone impregnated core does not allow water to spread inside the board. This allows for excellent vapour resistance in drywalls and ceilings. Moisture proof boards are sold in 2.7m, 3m & 3.6m lengths. There thicknesses vary depending on the application. Moisture tolerant ceilings use a 9mm board while water resistant drywall use a 12mm board. The 15mm moisture tolerant plasterboard serves a dual purpose. This board is both moisture tolerant and fire rated

Water resistant drywall installation

Installation procedure is exactly the same as for standard drywall. Water resistant board sizes are 2.7m, 3m for the 12mm board. And 2.7m, 3m & 3.6m for the 15mm. These boards cost slightly more than the standard plasterboard. We use Gyproc Saint-Gobain to supply us with material. See Gyproc here. There are a few alternatives to moisture tolerant drywalls. The first of those is Nutec partitioning. Nutec boards are not only water resistant but also water proof, meaning they can be used outside in the rain. Look under roof structures for Nutec boards. Nutec boards come with a fire rating and are water proof. Nutec is used for both partitioning and ceilings. The most common use for it is to build eaves and the partitioning of outside staircases etc.

The Second type of alternative to water resistant drywall is the magnezium oxide boards, also know as a Promatect H board. I mentioned this on our fire rated drywall page. These boards too, are both fire rated and water proof. Fire rating is set at 2 hours. Outdoor structures can bu built using boards and a light steel frame. A specialised skimming product is used to ensure a smooth surface. For more information on Promatect H boards kindy visit Marley Building Supplies

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water resistant drywall